Sequoia features a wide variety of commands to make life easier for both game masters and players. By default, commands can be executed with the prefixes !, @, and /. These prefixes can be changed via the configuration.

If a command is used without all of the required arguments, a help page will be shown in-game. Additionally, a command can be suffixed with "help" to show the description as well.

Numerous commands split their output into multiple "pages" in order to avoid spamming a player's chat box. In order to specify a page, simply run the command with a number at the end, such as !whatdrops "glove att 60%" 2.

Without further ado, here's the list of commands available in Sequoia. Since commands can be granted to players by assigning permissions, these categories aren't completely relevant, and are mostly just for organizational purposes.


  • !str/dex/int/luk <value|all>: Add points to a stat in bulk.
  • !suicide: Kills the player (with EXP loss!)
  • !buyback: Open the buyback interface.
  • !gm <message>: Send a message to online GMs.
  • !settings: View and modify configurable player settings.
  • !music: Open the music box NPC from anywhere.


  • !servertime: View the current server time.
  • !rates: View the current server rates at the current map.
  • !drops/droplist <mob>: View drops for a mob.
  • !whatdrops <item>: Search for mobs that drop a particular item.
  • !points: View current NX and other premium currency balances.
  • !shiphp: (Corsairs only) View the current Battleship HP.
  • !mapowner: Check the current owner of the map.
  • !bosshp: View HP amounts for any bosses in the map.
  • !dps <amount><h|m|s>: Record damage done over a specified amount of time.
  • !exp <minutes|end>: Record experience gained over a specified amount of time, or cancel the current recording.


  • !createparty/makeparty: Create a new party.
  • !partyinvite <player>: Invite a player to your party.
  • !partyexpel: Expel a player from your party.

Game Master


  • !questadmin: Quest management commands.
    • info <quest>: View info about a quest.
    • set <quest> <status> [player]: Forcibly set a quest's status for a player, or the sender if none specified.
    • teststart <quest> [player]: Test if a player meets all quest start requirements.
    • testend <quest> [player]: Test if a player meets all quest end requirements.
  • !petadmin: Pet management commands.
    • Any command that takes <pet> refers to the slot the pet is in, 1-indexed.
    • flag: View and modify a pet's flags.
      • add <pet> <flag>: Add a pet flag.
      • list <pet>: List current pet flags.
      • remove <pet> <flag>: Remove a pet flag.
    • set <pet> <exp|hunger|level|name> <value>: Update a pet property.
    • starve <pet>: Send a pet home.
  • !gmevent: TODO
  • ...

TODO: Finalized commands below (polished functionality)

  • !partyadmin: Party administrative commands.
    • Parties can be looked up via a player name or party ID. Commands that would send some kind of notification to the party (i.e. "X joined the party") can be silenced via the -s flag.
    • list [page]: List all parties.
    • manage|m <player> or manage -i <id>:
      • add <player>: Add a player to the party.
      • disband: Disband the party.
      • info: View information about the party.
      • join: Join a party.
      • leader <player>: Set the party leader.
      • remove <player>: Remove a player from the party.

Punishment + Anticheat








  • !mapstate: ...
  • !mapinfo: View info about the current map.
    • areas: List areas, such as rope areas in Kerning Party Quest Stage 2.
    • items/drops: List all item drops with the sum of each unique item kind.
    • mobs: List all mobs with the sum of each unique mob kind.
    • npcs: List all NPCs. If the -n flag is specified, will only show nearby NPCs.
    • portals: List all portals. If the -n flag is specified, will only show nearby portals.
    • reactors: List all reactors. If the -n flag is specified, will only show nearby reactors.
  • ...


  • !map/m <name|ID>: Teleport to a map.
  • !tp/warp/w <player> [other]: Teleport to a player.
    • If other is specified, then teleports player to other. Otherwise, teleports the sender to player.
  • !tphere/warphere <player>: Teleport a player to the sender.
  • !tppos <x> <y>: Teleport to specific coordinates within the current map.


  • !itemvac: Loot all dropped items in the current map.