Configurable Scripts

Some NPCs and portals have simple configurable behavior, which can be configured via the script_config-npc.conf and script_config-portal.conf files.

To modify an NPC or portal's configuration options, simply make an entry in the file with the ID of the NPC/portal, like so:

# Kenta
2060005 {
  hog purchase price = 20000000

Configurable NPCs

This is a list of configurable NPCs available in Sequoia's provided NPC scripts.

  • 1052007: The Ticket Gate
    • kerning square:
      • min level: Minimum level required to enter Kerning Square.
      • max level: Maximum level required to enter Kerning Square.

Configurable Portals

This is a list of configurable portals available in Sequoia's provided portal scripts.

  • (TODO) enter_earth00: Nautilus -> Omega Sector portal (120_000_101: The Nautilus - Navigation Room)
    • enable quest skip: If set to true, allows warping by just having the quest complete (rather than requiring the actual item).

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