Sequoia has a number of built in loggers, which can each be disabled if desired via a world's logging configuration section.


  • cash shop (default: enabled): Logs cash shop purchases and gifts.
  • chat (default: enabled): Logs chat, including general, party/guild/buddy, whispers, messengers, minigames, trades, merchants, etc.
  • item use (default: enabled): Logs usages of important/valuable items, such as AP resets, teleport rocks, pet evolutions, etc.
  • npc (default: enabled): Logs NPC merchant buying/selling/recharging along with obtaining items from NPCs via quests, crafting, etc.
  • quest (default: enabled): Logs quest starts/completions/forfeits along with the rewards obtained.
  • trade (default: enabled): Logs anything related to players exchanging items, such as drops, shops, direct trades, and storage transactions.

Log Files

Log files are saved on a per-world basis within a world's directory (i.e. world_scania). Logs roll over to new files on a daily basis or after reaching 10mb in size. The currently active log will be found under logs/<name>/latest.log (e.g. logs/chat/latest.log) and archived in folders named <year>-<month> (e.g. logs/chat/2019-10).

Logs are currently not automatically deleted, so for spammy log files, it is recommended to clear them manually if you notice large disk usage. Alternatively, the logger can be disabled entirely if it's not needed.