Migrating from Other Sources

Not implemented yet

In order to further encourage server owners to use Sequoia over their old sources, Sequoia includes an easy way to convert from other common sources such as:

  • LeaderMS, XiuzSource (v62)
  • HeavenMS (v83)
  • Others on request?

Account Conversion

To make the account conversion process simple for users (and owners!), password hashes can automatically be converted to BCrypt (Sequoia's password hash) upon login.

Setup Process

  1. First, ensure that account.enable auto migration is set to true in your login.conf configuration file.
  2. Next, you need to add entries in the account_migration table under the global database for each account to migrate from. Each row must have the following: (This would normally be done automatically by the migration helper)
    • id: The ID of the account in the account table.
    • password: The old password hash.
    • type: The type of hash used for the old password hash (see below for supported formats).
  3. Assuming you did the previous two steps correctly; upon login, an account will check for a migration entry in the database. If it exists, it will verify the inputted password against it. If the password is correct, the migration entry will be deleted and it will then be converted to BCrypt and stored in the account table.

Supported Hash Types

These are the valid hash types for type:

  • plain (not really a hash, just plaintext - good thing you're moving away from that old source...)
  • md5
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • sha385
  • sha512