MTS Button

The MTS button can be configured to operate in a few modes. The name of the configuration section for a mode corresponds to the name of the mode itself. For example, if the mode is set to map_warp, then configuration will be read from the map_warp section.

MTS configuration is defined in world.conf under the mts section.

# (world.conf)
mts {
  # Whether the MTS button is enabled. False will do nothing, regardless of what the rest of the configuration is.
  enabled = true

  # Which mode the MTS button should operate as.
  button mode = "map_warp"

mts (NYI)

The actual MTS. Not implemented yet, and likely won't be for a while, as it's unused by nearly every server out there.


Warp the player to a map. Useful for an "FM button" or "hub button".


# The map to warp the player to.
map id = 910000000

# Blacklisted maps where the button will not function from.
# This automatically includes the map ID defined above, which prevents getting stuck.
blacklist {
  # Areas to blacklist, corresponding to defined areas in the configuration.
  areas = ["maple_island", "free_market"]
  # Specific map IDs to blacklist.
  specific = [100000000, 100000001]
  # Inclusive ranges of map IDs to blacklist
  # A single entry should be a quoted string, separated by a space.
  ranges = ["200000000 299999999", "300000000 399999999"]


Run an NPC script.


# The ID of the NPC to show when running the script.
npc id = 9010000
# The name of the NPC script to run.
script = "special/mtsButton"