This page describes the requirements for running Sequoia, along with other various internal information.

Server Requirements

  • OS: If it runs the JVM, Sequoia probably runs too.
    • On Linux, Sequoia will use epoll for networking IO, which typically performs better than Java NIO.
    • Similarly, BSD and Mac will use kqueue.
    • Windows is limited to Java NIO only.
  • Java: Tested and confirmed to work with Java 8 or higher.
  • RAM (TODO): Probably 1gb minimum to be safe, 512mb at the absolute minimum depending on configuration.
    • The WZ-XML asset source seems to use more memory due to it loading entire files at once. 512mb may be too little.
    • As of when this was written, Sequoia is still in development, and memory usage hasn't been optimized very much at all yet.
  • CPU (TODO): Need to implement and benchmark anticheat and other intensive server features.
  • Storage: Logs will tend to use up the most disk space over time. The database also will be larger than most of the other server files (excluding assets). 5-10gb minimum is probably safe for a production server.


Sequoia uses a number of ports for both public and private purposes. Private ports run on in Sequoia's default configuration. If exposed on a public IP, then they should be firewalled for higher security.

Port Description Usage
8484 Default login server port public
8485 REST API public
8500 Cash shop public
8501 Base game server port public
6210 Login server IPC server private
6211 Game server IPC server private